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GAME CLEAR No. 159 -- Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk (2023, Multiplatform)

Developer: Team Reptile
Publisher: Team Reptile
Clear Version: PS5
Clear Date: 3/1/24


Like that

Let me tell ya, I really don’t get the trend from the past decade or so of making ultra-derivative works of game series that have been gone awhile, and that’s exactly what this struck me as when I saw its trailer last year. I just don’t understand the urge to make a game that desperately wants to be another game that it cannot be, nor do I understand those that want to consume such titles. What’s more, I also am not a huge fan of Jet Set Radio, this game’s obvious source of inspiration. I’ve always thought it was just okay. Nevertheless, I have played through Bomb Rush Cyberfunk because a dear friend (who fortunately does not read this blog) gave it to me as a gift, so I felt a sense of obligation.

And to throw him a bone (just in case I’m wrong about the previous parenthetical), I will say off the bat that it’s actually a decent little game. It’s fun. Despite my aforementioned misgivings, I tried to play it with a genuinely open mind and did end up having an enjoyable time by the end of it. But man, it’s just a Jet Set Radio reskin! In few meaningful ways does it make an effort to differentiate itself from its inspiration.

So my only real takeaway is that Team Reptile can re-implement the hell out of a concept. And maybe I want to revisit Jet Set Radio. Next.